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Isn’t this nice? Saw it posted at Shoppers Drug Mart in Fall River. Hope it brightens other’s day like it did mine! Happy Monday!!


Happy Halloween from us!

Money Tips!

Money Tips!.

Oaklawn Farm Zoo

Last weekend, the boys and I headed to Aylesford for a day at the zoo. Continue reading

Windsor (Hants Co) Exhibition

The Windsor exhibition is one of our many fall family traditions.  My parents used to take my brother and I when we were kids and now I take my boys every year. Of all the fun things we do in the fall in Nova Scotia, this is one of the most expensive…they’re not giving anything away at the fair!  By the end of the day, I spent about $130.00 and aside for some fries for me, that all went to bracelets, games, and treats for the boys.  There is a lot of temptation there for them.

One of the main attractions for the kids this time was Bigfoot. We waited and waited and when he finally came out, the show only lasted about 15 minutes, but really, how many times can you drive around in a circle and jump over the same two piles of cars? Regardless of length, the show did t disappoint. Bigfoot was impressive!

A new addition to the exhibition this year was the “Hamster Ball”.  The hamster ball is exactly what you are picturing. A big plastic ball but instead of a hamster, a child goes inside. The operator then rolls the ball into a big pool of water where 3 or 4 other hamster balls containing children are bobbing.  The children cannot stand up in these balls. They try…but they fail. The line up was long and we waited about a half and hour for a 5 minute bob in the giant pool. Only one of my sons partook but he said it was worth it!

Aside from Bigfoot, we walked through the barns to see the animals, checked out the petting zoo, rode the rides, and played the “impossible to win” games.  It was a full day and we were all happy and exhausted when we got home.  Sept Oct 2013 008



2013 NS Election

Please join us for a Candidate Forum at the Waverley Legion on Friday, October 4 @ 7pm sharp to hear from our candidates: Percy Paris, Brian Wong, and Bill Horne.  

This event is supported by FRABA (Fall River Area Business Association).


Open Farm Day

Today (Sunday, Sept 15) my sons & I, along with a second carload of friends & kids headed to the valley for Open Farm Day. I learned from last year that it is very important to plan your day ahead of time rather than drive around aimlessly looking for farms so I perused the website and picked 4 farms that I thought would be the most fun for the kids (we only made it to three). First stop was Castle Fredericks Farm in
Misc 2012 & 2103 223 Falmouth. A family run farm with beef, sheep, and forestry, they had a BBQ, wagon rides, and opened their barns up to the public. They also had free cake to celebrate their 250th anniversary! Quite an accomplishment!  Next up was Alpaca House Farm in Berwick.  We went to this spot mainly because we hadn’t seen an alpaca before. They don’t really like people so we weren’t able to pet them but they were pretty cool looking and the Alpaca yarn is very soft!  The owners of this farm are planning to sell their alpacas, as they are getting up there in years and it is becoming too much for them to handle. We were glad we got to see them this year as they may not be there next year.  Last stop of the day was Meadowbroook Farm (Meadowbrook Meat Market). They had antique trucks and tractors on display, bouncy castles, a petting zoo, vendors from the area, games for the kids, and live music.  We visited their market before we left and I picked up a thick ham slice for supper. I must say, it was the tastiest ham I’ve had in a long time!  I also bought a pork roast and a sirloin steak which I hope will be just as good!

All in all, it was a fantastic day. Three farms, six hours, and about 300 km later, the kids are fast asleep…..and I’m not far behind them. Nothing like a sunny, warm fall day touring farms in the valley to wear a person out!

*Open Farm Day is held every year.  For more information, visit to plan next year’s Open Farm Day adventure!


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