Personal blog about life on the East Coast and adventures with my two boys.

Hello, thank you for visiting  my blog. I am a single Mom of 2 beautiful boys.  Since becoming a Mom, and particularly since I became a divorcee, my main goal in life is to provide my boys with the best life experience I can.  I didn’t realize how much the dynamics of our relationship would change once I became a single Mom. It is different than being in a 2 parent family.  I’m not sure quite how to explain it but once I figure out how to verbalize it, I will share!  The main thing now is that when my boys are home,  I make the most of our time together, rather than simply going through the motions of every day life in a hectic blur. Every weekend we are on the road whether it be to our cottage, to the valley, snowboarding, museums, parks, zoos, etc. Through this blog, I will share our adventures in Nova Scotia and beyond, as well as some of my interests and creations.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Amy Jamie Martock



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