Today (Sunday, Sept 15) my sons & I, along with a second carload of friends & kids headed to the valley for Open Farm Day. I learned from last year that it is very important to plan your day ahead of time rather than drive around aimlessly looking for farms so I perused the website and picked 4 farms that I thought would be the most fun for the kids (we only made it to three). First stop was Castle Fredericks Farm in
Misc 2012 & 2103 223 Falmouth. A family run farm with beef, sheep, and forestry, they had a BBQ, wagon rides, and opened their barns up to the public. They also had free cake to celebrate their 250th anniversary! Quite an accomplishment!  Next up was Alpaca House Farm in Berwick.  We went to this spot mainly because we hadn’t seen an alpaca before. They don’t really like people so we weren’t able to pet them but they were pretty cool looking and the Alpaca yarn is very soft!  The owners of this farm are planning to sell their alpacas, as they are getting up there in years and it is becoming too much for them to handle. We were glad we got to see them this year as they may not be there next year.  Last stop of the day was Meadowbroook Farm (Meadowbrook Meat Market). They had antique trucks and tractors on display, bouncy castles, a petting zoo, vendors from the area, games for the kids, and live music.  We visited their market before we left and I picked up a thick ham slice for supper. I must say, it was the tastiest ham I’ve had in a long time!  I also bought a pork roast and a sirloin steak which I hope will be just as good!

All in all, it was a fantastic day. Three farms, six hours, and about 300 km later, the kids are fast asleep…..and I’m not far behind them. Nothing like a sunny, warm fall day touring farms in the valley to wear a person out!

*Open Farm Day is held every year.  For more information, visit to plan next year’s Open Farm Day adventure!


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